How to Create a Minecraft Themed Bedroom for Kids

Is your youngster enthralled with Minecraft? Have you scoured the internet for bedding, curtains and other décor items to transform their room into something special? If so, you have discovered what so many before you have, and that is the official licensed products are few and those that do exist are super expensive. For instance, a nice large Minecraft wall cling will set you back around $85 on eBay or Amazon! Never fear there is still a way to get the effect without taking out a second mortgage.

Color Scheme

One of the cheapest ways to make a major change in a room is via paint. Freshly painted walls look amazing and are easily accomplished in a weekend (usually). Start by determining what Minecraft inspired color scheme you would like to explore, a few examples include:

  • Blues and greens- sky and foliage
  • Browns and orange- reminiscent of the desert and temple scenes
  • White- blue with a touch of brown- snowcapped mountains soaring into the blue sky

Of course, you could also log into your child’s account and check out what they are building and where. Some like to build rustic like cabins in the woods, while others may be creating stone castle type structures. Whichever your child is experimenting with can give you a good starting point for choosing paint colors. Keep in mind you are not re-creating the world (though you could if you wanted) but picking out a color palette that represents the game overall.


It is in the details that you will really bring Minecraft to life in your child’s room. Decide ahead of time how extreme you want to go with the décor. Will a handful of actual Minecraft items fit the bill or do you really want to give them the impression they are walking into the pixelated world? For our purposes we will hit somewhere in the middle. One very simple idea is to customize their outlet covers to resemble Minecraft ores.

  • New outlet covers
  • Appropriate craft paint- grey, blue, red, black and yellow (gold if you can find it)
  • Paint brushes
  • Foam sponge

Start by painting each cover grey, approximately the color of the stones you mine in the game. Once they are covered nicely and dry you can use the tip of a small foam paintbrush to create the ore color on the “block”. Blue for Lapis Lazuli, yellow/gold for gold, red for red stone, black for coal and so on. As soon as they are completely dry, simply install the new covers around the room.

Note: One very important aspect of the game is the tools, particularly the sword and pic. These you can create out of wood, foam or even paper and the internet is full of templates.

Character Art

Another impressive yet simple way to transform the room is by adding “paintings” of the main characters in the game, such as Steve, Endermen and Creepers. Start with an average size flat wood square, one foot square or larger if you like. You may want to screenshot and print each character for accuracy, but creepers, pigs, cows and even endermen are pretty simple.

You can also screenshot and print some of your child’s favorite scenes from their game, print and 8×10 on your home printer and frame it. Very simple and it brings their creations out of the computer or gaming system and into the real world.

Final Thoughts

There is no end to the Minecraft items you can craft at home, and if you are going to get an authentic look without breaking, your wallet the DIY method is best. The nice thing about Minecraft is the fact that the colors are basic and the design of everything is square blocks, the only thing you may struggle with is creating the pixilation effect but with a little practice and some patience, you will do fine. If you are really crafty, you could create some special themed linens as well, such as creeper curtains, authentic red and white bedding and so on. These are just a few simple tips and tricks, with a little imagination and ingenuity there is no end to the Minecraft themed items you can create.